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What We Provide

Fahad Al-Hajri stands as a beacon of legal excellence in Kuwait, offering a comprehensive suite of legal services and solutions tailored to the unique needs of individuals, businesses, and institutions. Founded by Fahad Al-Hajri, a distinguished Kuwaiti lawyer, the firm is deeply rooted in the principles of integrity, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to justice. Whether navigating complex corporate transactions, safeguarding intellectual property rights, resolving family disputes, or representing clients in criminal proceedings, Fahad Al-Hajri Law Firm employs a meticulous approach, ensuring that each client benefits from the depth of expertise and the breadth of experience the firm brings to the table. In a rapidly evolving legal landscape, the firm remains at the forefront, consistently delivering results and upholding the highest standards of legal practice in Kuwait.

Legal Solutions

Legal Services

  • Providing legal advice on all matters related to family issues of all kinds.

  • Claims of spousal alimony and children's alimony.

  • Lawsuits to prove custody and drop it.

  • Claims for marital housing fare and its increase.

  • A lawsuit for a driver's fare, providing the price of a car for the children, and furnishing a house.

  • Lawsuits of guardianship and self-custody.

  • Common money division lawsuits among the heirs.

  • Claims for tuition and treatment expenses.

  • Cases of dissolution of the marriage contract, divorce and divorce.

  • Claims to see/visit children.

  • Claims of marital obedience and proof of disobedience. Inheritance, endowment and interdiction lawsuits.

  • Proceedings to establish or deny parentage.

  • Claims to change or modify the name.

  • Claims proving marriage and divorce.



  • Providing legal advice.

  • Rental claims.

  • Transfer of ownership.

  • Rent collection.

  • The conclusion of lease contracts between the landlord and the tenant.

  • Eviction claims and warnings.

  • Property claims.

  • Everything related to the landlord-tenant relationship.

Rentals & Sales

Real Estate

  • Providing legal advice related to all types of compensation and civil claims, whether for individuals or companies.

  • Claims lawsuits and settling scores Claims for compensation for work injuries, road accidents, and self- and financial assault crimes.

  • ​Grievance claims.



  • Providing legal advice.

  • Claim all labor dues.

  • Request for residency cancellation and transfer.

  • Request to hand over the passport.

  • Submitting applications before the Ministry of Labor and Affairs.



  • Providing legal consultations about crimes committed against the individual by legal persons, whether those affecting oneself, money or reputation such as (murder - theft - insult and defamation - fraud - breach of trust - drugs - electronic crimes - and other related cases ..)

  • Attending the investigation before the Public Prosecution and police stations.

  • Submission of complaints and penal reports.

  • Follow-up complaints and communications with the Public Prosecution, the General Department of Investigations and police stations.

  • Pleading and providing defense in all kinds of crimes.

  • Pleading and presenting defense in ordinary and special misdemeanors of all kinds.



  • Providing legal advice on all types of administrative lawsuits, such as annulment lawsuits, compensation lawsuits, filing dates, and grievances.

  • Litigation against all ministries, institutions and state bodies, whether to establish rights, recover them or compensate them.



  • Legal Consultation: Expert guidance on matters related to Personal Status Law, including marriage, divorce, custody, and inheritance.

  • Marriage Contracts: Drafting and reviewing marriage contracts to ensure they comply with legal requirements and align with your specific wishes.

  • Divorce Proceedings: Assistance with divorce processes, including legal representation, mediation, and negotiation.

  • Child Custody: Legal support for child custody matters, including custody agreements and visitation rights in accordance with local regulations.

  • Inheritance and Wills: Guidance in drafting wills and navigating inheritance laws to protect your assets and distribute your estate as per applicable legal norms.

  • Name Changes: Assistance and legal procedures for changing names or correcting personal information in compliance with the law.

  • Domestic Violence Cases: Legal representation and support for individuals dealing with domestic violence issues, including obtaining restraining orders and seeking legal remedies.

  • Adoption: Legal assistance in the adoption process, ensuring adherence to personal status laws and regulations.

  • Guardianship: Support in establishing legal guardianship for minors or individuals unable to make decisions for themselves, following legal procedures.

  • Family Dispute Resolution: Mediation and negotiation services to resolve family disputes amicably and in accordance with Personal Status Law.

  • Documentation and Legal Procedures: Assistance with the preparation and submission of legal documents required for personal status matters.

  • Counseling and Support: Emotional and legal support throughout personal status law proceedings, considering both legal regulations and cultural norms specific to the region.


Personal Status

  • Our skilled legal team meticulously examines and amends contracts to ensure their compliance with legal requirements and to protect the interests of our clients. By improving the precision and transparency of contract terms, we strengthen our clients' positions and reduce the risk of potential disagreements.

  • Contract Review: Thorough examination of existing contracts to ensure legal compliance and risk assessment.

  • Contract Drafting: Creation of custom contracts from scratch to meet your specific needs and objectives.

  • Contract Negotiation: Skilled negotiation to optimize contract terms and protect your interests.

  • Contract Revision: Amendments and revisions to existing contracts to address changing circumstances or legal requirements.

  • Legal Consultation: Expert guidance on contract-related legal matters and strategy.

  • Contract Analysis: In-depth analysis to identify potential risks, ambiguities, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Contract Management: Ongoing support to manage and maintain contracts throughout their lifecycle.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailoring services to match your unique business and legal requirements.

  • Compliance Assurance: Ensuring that all contracts adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

  • Dispute Resolution: Assistance in resolving contract-related disputes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary.

  • Confidentiality Agreements: Drafting and reviewing confidentiality agreements to protect sensitive information.


Contract Drafting





Assist businesses in their formation, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and dissolution. Provide legal advice on commercial contracts, shareholder agreements and other business-related matters.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Advising on property transactions, leases, property disputes, and real estate development projects.

Real Estate and Property Law

Establishing a dedicated sports regulatory authority, enacting comprehensive sports legislation, safeguarding athlete rights and welfare, enforcing strict anti-doping regulations, and regulating youth sports to ensure fair and ethical practices.

Sport Law

Representing clients who have been injured or harmed due to the negligence or wrongdoing of others.

Personal Injuries

Assisting businesses with online operations, data protection, and digital rights.

E-Commerce & Digital Business

Assisting in the registration, protection, and enforcement of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property

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